Using Nootropics


Clarity is key. When you take KOIOS, it is actually doing something good for your mind, as opposed to giving you temporary energy so you can push through another all-nighter, or put in long hours at the office. KOIOS is unlike energy drinks or prescribed stimulants,in that it uses 11 earth-grown ingredients that specifically target brain function.

Jeff Keith

professional screenwriter

Coming from a medical background, I am skeptical of most supplements and their claims. KOIOS not only works, it is backed by years of research and development. This product gives me a mental edge when I need it. I love KOIOS and recommend it to everyone.

Dr. Andrew M. Goldsmith

It creates a definite spark. You’re more awake, and focused than you have ever been, but you don’t feel tweaked out. My output is definitely increased, without side effects when I take KOIOS.

Brandon Miree

Former Denver Bronco and Independent Film Maker

When I take KOIOS my thoughts are crystal clear. I can memorize and retain lines easier and I have energy and focus all day.

Antonio Sabatini

Former MLB Baseball Player, Professional Actor and Model

Being a Paralympian I pay attention to whats in my body. KOIOS helps me work during the day with intense focus and incredible clarity. I find it also carries over into my training. I love this product.

Scott Moore

US Gold Medalist Judo