KOIOS — Take your game and your brain to the next level and become a gaming GOD. KOIOS is the all-natural supplement, built for gamers, that enhances brain function. Our 11 earth grown ingredients increase reaction times, memory recall, mental clarity, mental endurance, cognition, focus, concentration, motivation and helps your brain perform at optimal levels and we do it with very little caffeine. In fact it’s less than a cup of coffee and our product is 100% vegan and organic.

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What are professional gamers saying?

“Anything that can help enhance game play that is healthy is a huge benefit. KOIOS helps enhance brain function and is 100% organic – I love it and all gamers should make it a part of their routine.” – Gabriel Toledo/Fallen – Captain Team Kabum.

“KOIOS makes me a gaming GOD! I don’t game without it.” – Todd Williams/Anger – Team Lumonsity.

“Took this during Halo 5 beta. Instant win in a bottle.” – Robert Prilliman

KOIOS took a team of doctors and neuroscientists years to develop. KOIOS delivers more blood, oxygen levels and neural connection to the brain, giving it much needed nutrients it needs to function at peak levels. Several of KOIOS ingredients are being used in Europe to treat memory loss and Alzheimer’s. A full ingredient panel and references can be found on our website.

Our goal at KOIOS is to help legitimize ESPORTS. The brain consumes more energy than any other vital organ. It uses 20% of the body’s oxygen and blood flow. ESPORTS is very demanding on the brain and the body, which is why giving your brain what it needs to thrive is so important. When the brain slows down everything else goes with it. Many in the gaming community turn to soda, energy drinks, and massive amounts of coffee and or Adderall.

At KOIOS we started asking the questions: How do we get more out of our brain without consuming massive amounts of caffeine and other harmful stimulants? Is there a better alternative to supplementing the mind? How can we get more out of ourselves without doing damage to our bodies? KOIOS was the end result to those questions. We have created the market’s best mental supplement and we did it with all natural and helpful ingredients. Not only will KOIOS give you immediate short-term benefit but it will also build your brain over time, just like you would build a muscle.

We are proud to be a sponsor of Team Imuplse and proud to be helping them take their brains and game to the next level.

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Now go get your bottle and unleash your Mental Titan.