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eSports might be the most grueling sport on the planet.

If you pay attention to the wide world of video games, there’s a good chance you’ve been hearing a lot about e-sports lately. That’s because it’s a fast-growing industry that produces mountains of news stories regularly. Whether it’s schools giving scholarships for...

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Why adderall might be the most dangerous drug on earth

Pardon my French here, but Adderall is the most dangerous drug on this planet and it can f*** you up. The big problem, too, is that it is popped like candy by college students throughout the country. This medication was never intended for use by healthy adults, but it...

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Exercise Improves Mental Performance

Have you ever walked into the other room only to immediately forget the reason why? Find yourself losing your keys, wallet, and sunglasses more frequently than ever before? Have you ever…wait, what was I just talking about? We all want to stay sharp as we get older,...

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